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Markets are two-way streets. Suppliers and customers must travel to encounter each other. This is no less true in MENAT countries than anywhere else in the world. By definition, a market economy requires a network of such roads to link supply and demand. Building the network of markets, so that, in this sense, demand and supply can meet, requires governments to provide the foundations on which these markets can be developed. In the contemporary context, this implies a key role for antitrust or competition rules. MENAT countries occupy a crossroads. Consideration of how market rules apply in a digital context is therefore vital.

Join CPI and Bilgi University on October 11th & 12th for this live event featuring an extensive lineup of international experts, including our keynote speakers, Birol Küle, President of the Turkish Competition Authority, and Ömer Bolat, Minister of Trade for the Republic of Türkiye.

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OCTOBER 11 - Regional Chapter / MENAT Region & the Digital Economy

10:00 am - 12:30 pm


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