Do you think the current antitrust framework works for consumers? What do you think needs to change if anything?

Do you believe the vertical merger guidelines need to be changed?

Some of the proposals on the table include regulating a handful of companies and treating them as public utilities. Do you approve of this shift from competition towards regulation?

How would you ensure antitrust is enforced vigorously if no changes are made to the current antitrust system? Do you think that in the past years antitrust wasn't enforced correctly?

What are your thoughts regarding start-up acquisitions? Should the US impose restrictions on these types of mergers?

Is break-up the best solution for the digital economy? How would consumers benefit from a legally imposed separation of businesses?

How do you see the role of the FTC and DoJ in ensuring competition works for consumers?

How would you reconcile competition and competitiveness? Should antitrust reforms take into account the potential impact on proposed changes vis-a-vis China?

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