ANALYSIS: Antitrust Battles To Become Even More Heated In 2023

By Eleanor Tyler, Legal Analyst

The Bloomberg Law 2023 series previews the themes and topics that our legal analysts will be watching closely in 2023. Our Litigation analyses examine developments inside and outside the courtroom that will shape the course of law in the year ahead.

Uncertainty is the watchword for 2023, and antitrust law is no exception. Antitrust regulators are still wrestling with big ideas this year, but the discourse has continued to sharpen. In the US, the two sides are engaging in a fundamental debate about government power, corporate power, and the role of markets in society—and they share little common ground.

Other factors will make competition law more complicated in the new year. Geopolitical challenges seem to be growing as inflation, market volatility, trade realignment, and political risk bloom. Political and economic complexity is deepening worldwide, and the tech industry specifically faces big shifts.

Here are several antitrust trends I’m watching for 2023.

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