In this issue: To wrap up 2010, under the sponsorship of Editorial Advisory Member James Killick, we decided to do a little crystal ball gazing. We asked seven European authors to look at what will be, needs to be, and might be changed in the EU competition policy world of 2025. Ken Daly writes, “… […]

Director Disqualification as a Complement to EU Antitrust Fines: Towards a More Balanced Sanctions Policy

Grant McKelvey, Mark Powell, Dec 09, 2010 There is an intense debate in competition law circles about the seemingly high level of fines levied by the European Commission on companies found guilty of EU competition law violations (notably compared with unduly modest sanctions imposed in other areas of law, such as insider trading, money laundering, […]

EU Competition Policy in 2025: A Vision of an European Internationalist Future?

Alan Riley, Dec 09, 2010 This is a view of future EU competition policy through looking at the way cases could be decided taking into account current trends. I would argue that there are three trends that are already making themselves felt. The first is the dominance of the European model of antitrust over that […]

Twenty Years After: The Future of Competition Enforcement in the European Union

Renato Nazzini, Dec 09, 2010 Any prediction on where Union competition law enforcement will be in 20 years time must start by taking stock of the progress so far, or the lack thereof. Nor can an attempt at such a prediction be limited to the realm of procedure. Substantive law is as important to enforcement […]

European Antitrust in 2025: A Strangely Familiar Picture

Robert McLeod, Dec 09, 2010 European antitrust in 2025 will be a strangely familiar place even as a revolution of private enforcement changes the way regulators, industry, and the judiciary interact. In order to envisage what the competition world will look like, it is necessary to make a number of assumptions: 1.     Cartel detection by […]

EU Competition Law and Policy in 2025:Modernization”Mission Accomplished?

Assimakis Komninos, Dec 09, 2010 Competition law futurology can be risky. But perhaps not so risky, if we are talking about EU competition law and policy. While competition policy is utterly connected with economic policy and the latter may inevitably change in a given jurisdiction further to political, social, and ideological shifts, the fact that […]

Imagining EU antitrust enforcement in 2030

Ken Daly, Dec 10, 2010 On October 20, 1932, in the midst of the Great Depression, the Pittsburgh Press reported on a meeting of American Institute of Steel Construction at which representatives of 166 steel concerns heard Charles N. Fitts, president of the Institute, and Charles F. Abbott, executive director, deliver their annual reports. Fitts […]

EU Antitrust Enforcement in 2025: Why Wait? Full Appellate Jurisdiction, Now

Damien Gerard, Dec 09, 2010 In a series of speeches delivered over the past few weeks, EU Competition Commissioner Almunia and DG COMP Director General Italianer engaged various audiences on the sensitive topic of due process and competition enforcement. The objective was presumably to weigh in the current intense debate over the compatibility of the […]