In this issue: Our first October issue, sponsored by Danny Sokol, has two symposia. First, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the U.S./EU Cooperation Agreement by bringing together some of the players that were at the birth of the agreement with those that have worked to push forward the collaborative transatlantic spirit it created. Of […]

Nine Next Steps for Transatlantic Antitrust Policy Cooperation

William Kovacic, Oct 19, 2011 The enhancement of cooperation in competition policy between the European Union and the United States is a genuine success story in the modern transatlantic relationship. Despite differences in philosophy, process, analytical method, and, sometimes, substantive outcomes, the 1991 EU/US Cooperation Agreement (“1991 Agreement”) has helped foster impressive progress by public […]

EU/U.S. Cooperation in the Area of Competition Policy

Holger Dieckmann, Miek van der Wee, Oct 19, 2011 The 20th anniversary of the EU-U.S. Cooperation Agreement takes place in an era of globalisation and increasing competition challenges. Highlighting the importance of cooperation between the different competition agencies is in the interest of both market players and consumers. The European Union successfully cooperates with the […]

The U.S./EC Antitrust Cooperation Agreement: Genesis, Innovation, and Early Implementation

James Rill, Oct 14, 2011 The antitrust agreement between the United States and the European Commission,  which has now passed its 20th birthday, constitutes a landmark achievement in international cooperation in the application of the parties’ competition laws. It has served as a model for subsequent bilateral agreements by both parties. The 1991 agreement was […]

Twenty Years of Transatlantic Antitrust Cooperation: The Past and the Future

Rachel Brandenburger, Oct 14, 2011 I am deeply honored to have been asked to contribute to the celebratory publication of articles marking the 20th anniversary of the US/EU Cooperation Agreement. My appointment by then-Assistant Attorney General Christine Varney as Special Advisor, International, at the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”), demonstrates the […]

The Complexity of Cartel Enforcement in Times of Globalization of Competition Law

Frank Montag, Oct 14, 2011 On the twentieth anniversary of the signing of a Cooperation Agreement between the United States government and the European Commission (“EC”) to enhance the effective application of their respective competition laws, it is fitting to undertake a review of the continuing significance of the relationship between the European Union and […]

I’d like to propose a toast: Marking the 20th Anniversary of U.S.-EU Antitrust Cooperation

Sean Heather, Guido Lobrano, Oct 14, 2011 Anniversaries are marked by celebration, reflection, and renewals of commitment. On this occasion, the 20th anniversary of the agreement between the United States and the European Union regarding the application of their competition laws, (“Agreement”) the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and BUSINESSEUROPE would like to propose a toast. […]

A Good Carrot? U.S. Travel Restrictions in Cartel Enforcement

Patrick Eyers, J. Mark Gidley, Oct 14, 2011 Based on an obscure memorandum, foreign executives accused of price-fixing in the United States face a Hobson’s Choice: plead guilty and serve time in a U.S. prison, or refuse to plead guilty and incur criminal jeopardy, plus restricted travel to the United States. For executives in the […]

Recidivism Eliminated: Cartel Enforcement in the United States Since 1999

Belinda Barnett, Scott Hammond, Gregory Werden, Oct 14, 2011 The Autumn 2010 issue of Competition Policy International included a grim portrait of anticartel enforcement painted by Professor John Connor. He asserted that cartel recidivism is common and “appears to be increasing rapidly,” which he argues “is symptomatic of flaws in the structure of anti-cartel enforcement.” […]