Intel and McAfee”Antitrust is Getting it Right in High Tech

Christopher Thomas, Jan 27, 2011 The European Commission has just (January 26, 2011) approved the acquisition by Intel of McAfee, following the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s (“FTC”) clearance last December. The decision announced by Commissioner Almunia is particularly interesting from a policy perspective because it is conditional on compliance with various commitments offered by Intel, […]

Google, IBM, SAP, and The Others: Is the European Commission Targeting Technology Firms?

Lorenzo Coppi, Jan 27, 2011 The European Commission has recently opened an antitrust investigation in connection to Google’s commercial practices. This is just the last of a number of recent investigations in the high-tech sector, which have involved Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Qualcomm, Rambus, Apple, and SAP. After reviewing the scope of the European Commission’s investigation […]

Keywords: Google, European Commission. Anyone Feeling Lucky?

Lia Vitzilaiou, Jan 27, 2011 On November 30, 2010, the European Commission issued a press release which many were worried about, others looking forward to, but almost everyone anticipated: Google is under formal antitrust investigation with regard to an alleged abuse of dominance in the online search market. The Commission will investigate three main issues. […]

Competition Policy in Russia: Historical Sources, the Current State, and Evolutionary Perspectives

Denis Matvienko, Yuri Rubin, Jan 27, 2011 In structured market systems, state competition policy is an inherent part of the government’s activity in the context of competition protection and development and, as such, acts as an essential pillar of an existing, viable market system. The rational observer understands the defense of competition to be the […]