Antitrust is definitely heating up, even if the economy isn’t. This issue brings us current on a global scale by first looking at merger activity in the United States, England, and India. Then we bring our readers up-to-date with current authority activity, including the FTC vs. Google, criminalization in Australia, and further thoughts on the […]

Merger Control in India

Nisha Kaur Uberoi, R. Shyam Khemani, Cyril Shroff, Oct 15, 2012 Although India enacted the Competition Act in 2002 (“Act”), various legal challenges delayed its implementation and the Competition Commission of India (“CCI”) was not fully constituted until 2008. The Act came into force in phases, with the provisions regulating anticompetitive agreements and abuse of […]

Deal Makers Beware: Recent Trends in U.S. Merger Enforcement

Daniel Hemli, Jacqueline Java, Oct 15, 2012 While the recovery in mergers and acquisitions activity following the global financial crisis so far has been tepid at best, antitrust merger enforcement has been taking place at an almost frantic pace. This heightened enforcement activity follows on the heels of significant developments in antitrust merger law and […]

Shop ‘Til You Drop: Retail Mergers and the U.K. Competition Review Process

Richard Blewett, Oct 15, 2012 The use of survey evidence in retail merger reviews has been a feature of U.K. merger control for several years, particularly at first phase. What impact has this had? Two features stand out. First, it is has made the outcome of the merger review process more difficult than ever to […]

How the FTC Could Beat Google

Robert Lande, Jonathan Rubin, Oct 16, 2012 The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) is rumored to be deciding whether to bring a “pure Section 5” case against Google as a result of complaints that the company unfairly favors its own offerings over those of its rivals in its search results. If successful, the case could do more […]

Education Before Enforcement? Key Insights From Australian Cartel Research

Caron Beaton-Wells, Christine Parker, Oct 15, 2012 Close scrutiny and tough sanctioning of cartel conduct (involving price-fixing, market sharing, output reduction, or bid-rigging by competing businesses) have been a focus of competition law and enforcement across the globe for the last decade and a half. A growing number of countries have criminalized or are contemplating […]

Has the Administrative Court’s Reversal of the IAA Decision in Pfizer Got It Right?

Daniela Ampollini, Oct 15, 2012 In my article, Looking for Sense in the Italian Antitrust Authority Decision in the Pfizer Xalatan Case, which appeared in the July (2) issue of the CPI Antitrust Chronicle, I discussed the reasons the Italian Antitrust Authority (“IAA”) found Pfizer liable of abuse of dominant position from a patent law […]

The FCC’s Unstructured Role in Transactions

Larry Downes, Geoffrey Manne, Oct 15, 2012 Some of the most significant transactions singled out recently for intensive federal review involve the communications industry. These include the merger of Comcast and NBCUniversal, the failed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile USA, a multi-billion purchase of spectrum by Verizon from a consortium of cable companies and, just […]