It’s far cheaper not to commit the crime then commit it and get caught. So it’s no surprise that the savvier competition authorities spend time and resources on outreach and advocacy. Given a myriad of audiences, however, it’s not easy. There are the obvious public and corporate constituencies, but fellow government agencies are just as […]

Reach Out to a Wide Audience

Taiwan Fair Trade Commission, Aug 13, 2012 Although the FTC has received individual satisfactory surveys from key audience members after each competition advocacy activity, and has published annual performance evaluations of its outreach program, it was concerned that the effectiveness of its competition advocacy intervention might not be completely reflected due to diverse evaluation criteria. […]

Competition Advocacy at the Federal Trade Commission: Recent Developments Build on Past Successes

Tara Isa Koslov, Aug 14, 2012 Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act broadly empowers the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC” or “Commission”) to prevent the use of “unfair methods of competition in or affecting commerce.” The Commission is primarily a law enforcement agency and, in fulfilling its competition mission, the agency targets its enforcement efforts against […]

Enforcement “Plus:” The FTC’s Business Education Efforts

Kelly Signs, Aug 13, 2012 Law enforcement can have obvious consequences for the targets of investigations, but it can also affect the conduct of other businesses. Research shows that the vast majority of businesses want to comply with legal requirements, not just to avoid sanctions but also to maintain a reputation as an ethical business. […]

Positioning Competition Policy in Chile: Outreach, Advocacy, and Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Fernando Araya, Mario Ybar, Aug 13, 2012 Chile is one of the countries that have pioneered the introduction of market reforms since the end of the seventies. Market reforms have transformed the country’s landscape in the last 35 years, together with increase in population, and have contributed to increases in per capita income. Competition policy has […]

Ten Years of Pros and Cons Conferences

Arvid Fredenberg, Aug 13, 2012 It could have started better. Einar Hope, former Director-General of the Norwegian Competition Authority and Professor of Energy Economics at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration phoned in on September 5, 2002 to say that he had sprained his ankle and was unable to attend the conference. He […]