During this month, we’ve been publishing papers from competition authorities describing ways to educate an audience that may not even understand what “competition policy” is. Part of the surprise has been the actual diversity of those audiences – not just the public, but fellow agencies, judges, and even other authorities. And as the Brazilians and […]

From Post- to Pre-Merger Notification: The Ultimate Outreach Challenge

Cristiane Landerdahl de Albuquerque, Carlos Ragazzo, Aug 28, 2012 The new Brazilian Competition Law (Law no. 12,529/11) brought two major changes from the previous statute (Law no. 8,884/94): (i) it changed the enforcement structure by merging the functions previously performed by different governmental bodies into one called the General Superintendence, which is now responsible for merger […]

Competition Outreach and Advocacy When All the World Is Your Stage: The ICN Experience

Maria Coppola, Aug 28, 2012 For the International Competition Network (“ICN”), a virtual organization with 123 of the world´s competition agencies as members and many more non-governmental advisors (“NGAs”), one of the biggest challenges the network faces is outreach. Part II of this article describes ICN’s principal outreach tools and techniques, and provides an opportunity […]

Outreach Activities of the JFTC

The Japan Fair Trade Commission, Aug 28, 2012 As in the case of any policy, unless the society, including government bodies, understands why a policy is established and implemented, how it is used, and what kind of advantages can be obtained, the policy won’t go anywhere. Therefore, the success of any policy depends on how […]

Competition Advocacy in Mexico: Lessons From the Past Decade

Angel Lopez Hoher, Aug 27, 2012 Competition advocacy is sometimes treated like enforcement’s poor cousin; academic debate, practitioners’ attention, and agency priorities tend to be geared towards enforcement across the world. And rightly so, to some degree: advocacy is much more variable in its methods and ethereal in its outcomes. Even worse, it sometimes borders […]

Effective Engagement of Stakeholders: Inquire, Innovate, Intrigue

The Competition Commission of Singapore, Aug 28, 2012 Given the significant impact that competition law could have on the course of doing business in Singapore, CCS regards it as an important priority to educate and raise awareness of the competition regime to the business community. In a recent stakeholders perception survey conducted by CCS that […]

Towards a Competition Culture Advocacy and Outreach in the South African Competition Regime

Trudi Makhaya, Aug 27, 2012 When South Africa’s modern competition regime came into effect, the country did not have much of a competition culture to speak of. The economy was lumbering under the legacy of highly concentrated markets, international isolation, and the exclusion of the majority of the population from meaningful participation. The passage of […]