We’re celebrating the Lunar New Year this month. We’ll hear from China later, but in this issue we’re surveying activity in Asia’s Pacific Rim countries. We start with two overviews of the ASEAN countries and then hear directly from both long-standing and nascent authorities – Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Vietnam. And although a […]

Some Recent Developments in ASEAN Competition Law

R. Ian McEwin, Feb 13, 2013 All countries in Southeast Asia are hierarchical and authoritarian to some degree, which has implications for competition. All countries are marked by considerable inequalities in status, wealth, and education. With the exception of Singapore, corruption and cronyism are widespread. Big business in Southeast Asia is mainly dominated by ethnic […]

Looking Ahead to 2015: Competition Outreach in ASEAN

Simone Warwick, Feb 13, 2013 It is a good time to reflect on competition outreach and capacity building activities in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (“ASEAN”). The start of 2013 brings ever closer the 2015 deadline for the ten ASEAN Member States to introduce nationwide competition laws and policy. That deadline is an integral part […]

Indonesian Competition Policy and Law: Where It’s Heading

Deswin Nur, Feb 13, 2013 Indonesia may not be one of the famous countries in the world. Tourists mostly know Bali (one of the islands in Indonesia) rather than the country itself. Not too many people are aware that this country is the largest archipelago country in the world, as well as the largest economy […]

Developments in New Zealand Competition Law and Policy

Mark Berry, Feb 13, 2013 The New Zealand Commerce Commission is an independent statutory body with responsibility for enforcing competition law. The Commerce Act 1986 prohibits anticompetitive behavior and structures in markets. It applies broadly across the economy, including the public sector. The NZCC also enforces consumer legislation and is the industry-specific economic regulator for […]

Developments in Competition Law and Policy

Wee Guan Teo, Feb 12, 2013 Singapore has consistently been ranked among the world’s most competitive economies. Since it was founded, Singapore has relied on a set of sound economic policies focusing on trade openness, human capital development, and infrastructure development. Singapore started developing a generic competition law following the recommendations of the Economic Review […]

Developments in Vietnamese Competition Law and Policy

Trinh Anh Tuan, Feb 13, 2013 Beginning in the early 1990s, Vietnam started to open up its economy, promote external trade, and has received FDI capital. Its admission into ASEAN in 1995 marked the first important step in the process of Vietnam’s integration with the international economy. ASEAN has decided to form an ASEAN Economic […]

Cartel Enforcement in India: Standard and Burden of Proof

Nisha Kaur Uberoi, Cyril Shroff, Feb 13, 2013 The CCI has initiated various competition advocacy programs with a special focus on cartelization. The leniency program is being actively publicized in order to encourage cartel members to turn informants and discourage cartels. Increased public awareness, it is believed, will encourage people to report instances of cartelization […]

Competition Law Developments in Malaysia

May Fong Cheong, Feb 13, 2013 The preceding two years have been instrumental for Malaysia in the area of competition law. After many years of germination, the Fair Trade Practices Policy, which was approved in 2006, finally evolved into competition legislation. In 2010, the Malaysian Parliament passed the Competition Act 2010 (“the CA”) and the […]