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2018 Highlights

Antitrust Chronicle Special Edition 2018 highlights cover

The Digital Economy - 2018 Highlights Special Edition

Looking back, 2018 was a consequential year for international antitrust developments, notably in the world of the digital economy.

CPI had the unique opportunity of publishing a number of great articles authored by leading antitrust experts on the subject, ranging from issues related to antitrust risks, mergers in the digital economy, online platforms and platform competition, as well as consumer harm and multi-sided markets.

In this special edition of the CPI Antitrust Chronicle®, we offer recap some of the highlights from last year focused on the challenges brought by the digital economy to antitrust and competition law on a global scale. We are pleased to bring our readers, new and longtime, two great interviews with Thomas Kramler and Massimo Motta.

In addition, this special edition features articles from international scholar, professors, attorneys, and regulators such as David S. Evans & Richard Schmalensee, Miranda Cole, Lapo Filistrucchi, Randal Picker, Terrell McSweeny, and Caron Beaton-Wells among other notable contributors.

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