Antitrust Economics 2013 Course

ANTITRUST ECONOMICS 2013 COURSE DESCRIPTION AND LOGISTICS Recorded lectures available for streaming Ready to start all year Note: Available DISCOUNTS for small Law Firms, competition authorities and sectoral regulators. Email to get your discount.   CPI’s Antitrust Economics course is taught by: Dr. David S. Evans.  Dr. Evans is an economist who has published extensively on antitrust economics. He […]

An Introduction to Statistics in Antitrust Litigation

Consists of the following four classes: 1. The Objective of Statistics 2. Statistics of One Variable 3. Statistical Relationship between Two Variables 4. Statistical Relationships among More Than Two Variables Links to Full Content

Web 3.0+ Economics & Antitrust

Do you play Farmville? David Evans does, and starting with his farm explores the economics that drives the new Web 3.0 ecosystem. David focuses on Apple, Facebook, and Google but his class is applicable to all the players engaged in this universe. He begins by noting that the competitive dynamics involve companies competing for users, […]

Econometrics 101: Basic Regression Analysis

This course introduces econometrics with a two-class discussion of of basic regression analysis.The first class covers the simple and multiple regression model while the second class covers problems with the model and how to deal with those problems. View the classes here, Class 1 Class 2 Suggested Reading Session One:   J. Baker and T. […]

Economic & Legal Analysis of Collusion

Collusion, whether in an explicit (e.g. cartels) or tacit form (e.g. price suppression in an auction), has become a prime target of antitrust and competition policy enforcement activities. Authorities have been not only imposed large fines but have also handed out prison sentences. It is crucial that antitrust professionals understand the market characteristics which are […]

An Introduction to Network Industries

This three session course discusses Network Industries: Networks have frequently been at the heart of the great regulated industries of the day. This was true of railroads and telegraphs and is just as true of today’s natural gas industry, the electricity industry and telecommunications. The modern treatment of network industries focuses on approaches to regulating […]

An Introduction to Antitrust in Asia (Excluding China)

This three session course provides an introduction to antitrust law in East Asia (with the exception of China, which will be covered in a separate course).  Although one of the most economically dynamic regions in the world, East Asia traditionally has relied on government direction rather than market forces to shape its economy.  As East […]

Antitrust Economics 101

This course is intended to provide an introduction to microeconomics for antitrust practitioners.  Microeconomics is the study of how individuals and firms make decisions to allocate scarce resources and how these decisions impact the supply and demand of goods and service and determine relative prices. In the context of modern antitrust litigation, Professor Wright will […]

It Takes 2 to Tango: Competition Policy Analysis for 2-Sided Markets

It Takes 2 to Tango: Competition Policy Analysis for 2-Sided Markets

Two-sided markets is one of the hottest areas in economics and competition policy. Some businesses operate platforms that connect two groups of customers, help those customers interact, and in doing so create value. Economists and antitrust practitioners have known for a long time that advertising-supported media had two groups of customers: the readers and the […]