What’s the Role of Judicial Review in Latin American Countries?

This article is part of a Chronicle. See more from this Chronicle Paulo Furquim de Azevedo, Jul 16, 2014 Competition authority decisions reviewed by sluggish courts—this is the fate of competition policy in several Latin American countries. Competition authorities in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, among others, have made impressive progress in building technical capabilities, consolidating […]

A Decade of Significant Changes in Competition Policies in Chile

This article is part of a Chronicle. See more from this Chronicle Claudio Agostini, Manuel Willington, Jul 16, 2014 In the nineteenth century, John Stuart Mill stated that societies are economically successful when they have good economic institutions, and that it is these institutions that lead to prosperity. History has proved him right as both […]

“From Collusion to Competition” – 16th Issue

Feb 28, 2014 CPI Cartel Column edited by Rosa Abrantes-Metz (Global Economics Group/NYU Stern School of Business) Welcome to the February issue of “From Collusion to Competition,” which is dedicated to Peru. This month we will learn about anti-cartel policy and detection from the Chief Economist at Indecopi, the Peruvian Competition Authority, Dr. Javier Coronado […]

Lessons from the First Year of Competition Law in Ecuador

This article is part of a Chronicle. See more from this Chronicle Luis Marin Tobar, Feb 26, 2014 Ecuador’s commercial and legal culture is undergoing a process of self-reflection, analysis, and evolution following the enactment of the Organic Law on Market Power Regulation and Control in October of 2011. The Law provides the first domestic […]

Regional Competition Center for Latin America presents Guidelines on exchanges of information among competitors

Regional Competition Center for Latin America presents Guidelines on exchanges of information among competitors – by Rosa Abrantes-Metz (Click here for a PDF version of the article.) One of the main objectives of the Regional Competition Center for Latin America (or CRCAL by its acronym in Spanish) is to enhance competition agencies’ technical capacities. Towards […]

Latin America Column

7TH COMPETITION FORUM COLLOQUIUM – Pablo Trevisán & Laura Bierzychudek (Estudio Trevisán) Market Structure, Growth and Competition in the Supermarket sector in Latin America – Juan Delgado (Global Economics Group) CRCAL’s New Guideline on Barriers to Entry – Paolo Buccirossi (Director and Founder, Lear) The Guideline: Assessing Efficiencies Gains in Merger Rulings – Marc Ivaldi & Aleksandra Khimich […]

Guidelines on Compliance Programs for the Legislation on Free Competition: An Effort to Promote Free Competition in Markets in Chile

Carolina Bawlitza, Mario Ybar, Dec 12, 2012 This article discusses recent activity in advocacy in Chile. On June 11, the FNE published the final version of the Guidelines for Compliance Programs of the Legislation on Free Competition, in which guidance is given about these services, in both general and abstract terms. The Guidelines describe elements […]

Positioning Competition Policy in Chile: Outreach, Advocacy, and Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Fernando Araya, Mario Ybar, Aug 13, 2012 Chile is one of the countries that have pioneered the introduction of market reforms since the end of the seventies. Market reforms have transformed the country’s landscape in the last 35 years, together with increase in population, and have contributed to increases in per capita income. Competition policy has […]

The Consolidation of Competition Law in Latin America

Julian Pena, Nov 30, 2011 The enactment of the long-awaited reform of the Brazilian competition law can be seen as part of a new stage in competition law in Latin America, which also involves other countries in the region. Regardless of the broad extent of the area covered by the concept of Latin America, and […]

Leniency Programs in Latin America: New Tools for Cartel Enforcement

Elisa Mariscal, Carlos Mena-Labarthe, Nov 05, 2010 The fight against cartels has become a central feature for many competition agencies. In Latin America, this fight is long overdue as the prevalence of cartels has historically harmed competition in both large and small markets. The introduction of immunity and leniency programs to fight hard-core cartels is […]