Transition and Transformations in Latin American Competition Law and Policy: An Introduction

Daniel Sokol, Jul 14, 2010 Last year, Eleanor Fox and I published Latin American Competition Law and Policy. We attempted to fill a gap by editing a volume that examined how Latin American countries addressed competition law and policy, both at the country level and regionally. What emerged from the book was a picture of […]

Antitrust Enforcement in Argentina Under Stricter Judicial Scrutiny

Julian Pena, Jul 14, 2010 In the past couple of years, the courts have become increasingly stricter when reviewing decisions taken by the antitrust authorities in Argentina. Although historically the courts of appeals have sometimes overturned fines imposed by the antitrust authorities, in recent months different courts of appeals have questioned certain powers of either […]

The Interface Between Competition Law and Regulation in ChileWho’s the Boss?

Paulo Montt, Jul 14, 2010 The context of post-liberalization has led to different tensions between competition law and regulation in several markets such as telecommunications and electricity. Whereas certain segments of those markets remain considerably regulated, competition prevails in other sectors. However, competition law and regulation coexist in most segments and this interface has created […]

Collusion Among Health Insurers in Chile: Good, Bad, and Ugly Reasons in a Split Decision

Claudio Agostini, Eduardo Saavedra, Manuel Willington, Jul 14, 2010 In 2002 five of the largest Chilean private health insurance providers (“Isapres”) reduced the coverage they offered to their members without reducing the price of their plans. In other words, their members were given worse health plans than they previously had, but at the same price. […]

Judicial Decision in Argentina Tackles the Interplay between Enforcing Patent Rights and Antitrust Law within the Dispute between Monsanto and the Argentine Government on the “GM soy-seed RR”

This article is part of a Chronicle. See more from this Chronicle Jun 13, 2009 The conjunction between intellectual property rights and antitrust law has recently become a very important issue worldwide and Latin America is not an exception. Therefore, the relevance of this case, which is the first judicial decision on the topic in […]