US: Burger King owner to buy Popeyes Chicken for $1.8 billion

Restaurant Brands International agreed to buy Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc. for about $1.8 billion, adding a fried-chicken chain to its lineup of burgers and doughnuts. The acquisition would be the first major deal for Restaurant Brands, which was formed in the 2014 merger of Burger King and Tim Hortons. The company’s managers have long said […]

EU: Apple says Brussels made ‘fundamental errors’ in its €13bn Irish tax bill

Apple has claimed that the European Commission made “fundamental errors” when it ruled last year that the company owed Ireland 13 billion euros ($13.7 billion) in unpaid taxes plus interest. Apple appealed the commission’s decision in December, but on Monday the company published a piece in the Official Journal of the European Union detailing 14 […]

US: Tyson CEO says SEC price-fixing probe is ‘grasping at straws’

In an interview this week CEO of Tyson Foods, Tom Hayes told “Squawk on the Street” that the US Security and Exchange Commission’s price-fixing probe was unfounded. “So the SEC is investigating, is reviewing, because there’s an underlying case, an antitrust case, that is baseless,” he said. “And really, plainest words, grasping at straws. And […]

South Korea: Qualcomm files suit against FTC citing unfairness

Qualcomm on Tuesday filed an injunction against South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission, which imposed over $873 million in fines and a corrective measure on the company, a court official confirmed. The US mobile chipmaker filed the suit with the Seoul Central District Court late Tuesday, reportedly requesting the court put a halt on implementation of […]

EU: LSE and Deutsche Börse to offer even more more concessions in merger

Deutsche Börse and the London Stock Exchange Group are set to offer Brussels further concessions from their fixed-income clearing businesses to persuade antitrust watchdogs to approve their merger to create Europe’s largest exchanges operator. This month the two sides put forward a narrow offer of concessions, which solely involved the sale of the LSE’s French […]

South Africa: Barclays Africa granted immunity in FX rigging probe

South Africa’s Competition Commission has granted Barclays Africa conditional immunity from prosecution in return for its continuing cooperation in the rand currency trading probe, the head of the Commission said on Tuesday. The Commission said last week it had found more than a dozen local and foreign banks colluded to coordinate trading in the rand […]

El valor de los contrapesos: la “no” dominancia en TV y Audio Restringidos en México

El valor de los contrapesos: la “no” dominancia en TV y Audio Restringidos en México

Febrero 14, 2017 El valor de los contrapesos: la “no” dominancia en TV y Audio Restringidos en México – Francisco E. Castillo &Elisa V. Mariscal (Global Economics Group) Haga Click para descargar el artículo original/a> Una característica de un país democrático es la existencia de pesos y contrapesos entre sus diferentes poderes. Esta particularidad es […]

Antitrust Chronicle – Competition in Digital Markets

Antitrust Chronicle – Competition in Digital Markets

At the beginning of 2017, the Antitrust Chronicle brings you an in-depth look at Competition and Big Data in Digital Markets. There is much hype surrounding big data, but does it simply offer operational advantages, or can it provide long-run sustainable competitive advantage, protecting a firm from competition? This month’s edition of the Antitrust Chronicle, […]

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