In this issue: On Feb. 1, five new regulations implementing the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law came into effect, implemented by two key authorities, NDRC and SAIC. This issue, organized and introduced by Editor Adrian Emch (Hogan Lovells), explores these regulations in-depth. We’re highly honored to start with two articles from both authorities, introducing the rules in […]

U.S.-China Antitrust Cooperation: Onward and Upward

Dina Kallay, Feb 28, 2011 This brief note highlights some ongoing antitrust cooperation between the United States and China. Over the past twenty years, the rapid growth in the number of jurisdictions with antitrust laws and antitrust enforcement agencies has boosted the importance of cooperation among antitrust agencies. Cooperation aims to ensure sound antitrust enforcement […]


In this issue: Last September, we published an issue, sponsored by Guest Editor Paul Lugard, on the EC’s Draft Guidelines for Horizontal Agreements. In December, the EC published the final version. Once again, with Paul’s help, we’ve taken a comparative look at the two, to see where concerns were addressed—and where they weren’t. The issue […]


In this issue, CPI examines the intersection of antitrust and financial regulation. Letter from the Editor David Evans, Dec 22, 2011 Letter from the Editor – Fall 2011 What is antitrust’s role in financial regulation after the financial crisis? (David S. Evans) Antitrust, State Aid, and Financial Regulation Gert-Jan Koopman, Dec 22, 2011 Stability and […]


In this issue: The focus of much of this issue concerns digital media and communications, but first we introduce CPI’s new publishing technology with two audio interviews with leading competition authorities. Then we look at the interplay among online communications platforms, consumer privacy, and consumer protection. We examine what import a price of zero has for […]

Practical Aspects of Aftermarkets in European Competition Law

John Temple Lang, May 20, 2011 An “aftermarket” is a market for the supply of products or services needed for or in connection with the use of a relatively long-lasting piece of equipment that has already been acquired. Aftermarkets give rise to several kinds of questions under competition law. Does a relevant market for competitive analysis consist of separate […]

Use and Misuse of Empirical Methods in the Economics of Antitrust, II

Dennis Carlton, Mar 14, 2011 The application of economics to issues involving competition policy has always required a mixture of economic theory and empirical analysis. As any good lawyer knows, an economic analysis typically must rely on the facts of the industry under study to be credible. As a result, empirical analysis is often a […]

Durbin’s Folly: The Erratic Course of Debit Card Markets

Richard Epstein, Dec 22, 2011 The passage of the Durbin Amendment in July, 2010 followed extensive claims by Senator Durbin and retailers that the only consequence of the law would be to bleed out the excessive debit interchange charges that platform operators and issuing banks collected from retailers. In their view, the proper source of […]