China Looks To Add New Regulator For Data- WSJ

Chinese regulators are taking steps to centralize the management of data in the country by creating a new government agency, per The Wall Street Journal. The move aims to address data-security practices by businesses and streamline the regulatory structure, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Chinese national data bureau will become the top regulator on various data-related issues, replacing the current structure where multiple ministries share oversight. This move comes as China continues to tighten its grip on data governance, with recent high-profile cases involving companies such as Didi and Tencent being investigated for potential violations.

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This new Chinese regulator will also be tasked with promoting the development of the country’s digital economy and ensuring data is used in a safe and secure manner. It is unclear when the new regulator will be established or who will lead it.

The new data regulator would also investigate various issues in the digital domain, such as the use of algorithms for data manipulation or for inducing internet addiction among minors, the people said, as well as identifying data-security vulnerabilities that are prone to cyberattack.