Social, political, and financial inequality are persistent issues that stop the advancement of various groups across the world. With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately affecting women, minorities and other vulnerable populations, the ongoing debate on inclusion and the role of Antitrust Law and Economics in addressing these inequalities and fostering more inclusive competition dynamics has grown, as has the urgent need to find workable solutions in a rapidly changing global economy.

Competition Policy International, in collaboration with Verizon and Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg, continues to support this debate with two exclusive events, where renowned experts will expand upon the issues surrounding Inclusive Competition that we covered in our April 2021 Antitrust Chronicle and the role of the Antitrust community in fostering greater equality.

Click below to read the Antitrust Chronicle.

CPI thanks DAVIES & VERIZON for their support with this program. CPI always strives to deliver balanced and enriching content and conversation to benefit the antitrust community worldwide.

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