Merger Policy With

2020 Foresight

June 4, 2020

Livestream Conference


Our recent publication of John Kwoka’s Controlling Mergers and Market Power: A Program for Reviving Antitrust in America has met with the success we expected from a timely and insightful contribution to the global antitrust conversation.

It has been decades since questions about antitrust enforcement have been so prominent. Mergers in countless industries, rising concentration throughout the economy, and the dominance of tech giants have brought renewed attention to the role of antitrust policy.

Now, however, scholarly analysis must move on to the next steps, as commentators and policymakers take up the debate and work to provide sensible, enforceable, and rational proposals to address the underlying problems that have been documented.

The purpose of Merger Policy With 2020 Foresight, like the book that inspired it, was to pursue this vital debate. Participants included renowned legal and economic experts that will tackle the issues presented by the book. They discussed the measures needed to strengthen competition and take the next steps towards revitalizing Antitrust.

The event featured a Fireside Chat with Frédéric Jenny (Chairman, OECD Competition Committee) and Steven Salop (Professor of Economics and Law, Georgetown Law). Two panels followed:

  • Panel 1: Merger Guidelines & Structural Presumptions: Matching Antitrust to Market Structure

  • Panel 2: Efficiencies and Entry, Remedies and Retrospectives: Comprehensive Reforms for Comprehensive Needs
  • Click HERE to visit the Controlling Mergers and Antitrust Power: A Program for Reviving Antitrust in America book page.

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