Antitrust Analysis of Platform Markets:

Beyond American Express

March 30, 2020

Livestream Conference


Following the success of CPI’s recent book, we presented our first live stream conference, “Antitrust Analysis of Platform Markets: Beyond American Express.”

Platform businesses that facilitate connections between different stakeholders play an increasingly prominent role in the economy. In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a seminal decision, Ohio et. al. v. American Express, on the analysis of antitrust issues involving businesses of these types. The Court found that antitrust analysis of two-sided platforms that enable transactions between distinct groups, such as cardholders and merchants, must account for both groups in market definition and the analysis of anticompetitive effects. Given the growing importance of platforms in the economy, antitrust will deal with more cases governed by the American Express decision in the U.S., as well as judgments of other courts on similar issues around the world. Many questions about the sound antitrust analysis of platform businesses remain unanswered, but this conference aims to explore some of them.

The conference was led with remarks by David Evans and a fireside chat between Joseph Stiglitz and Richard Schmalensee.

Panels throughout the afternoon covered the following topics:

  • Moving Forward After AmEx: Practical Implications & Applications on Platforms Cases

  • Assessing Anti-competitive Effects and Pro-competitive Justifications in Multisided Platforms
  • Click HERE to visit the Antitrust Analysis of Platform Markets: Why the Supreme Court Got it Right in American Express book page.

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