soccer football ball and grass field

The Antitrust Case Against Europe’s Breakaway Soccer League

By Alex Webb, Bloomberg

We’re used to the idea of sport sometimes being uncompetitive, where one or two teams dominate the proceedings. Think of Italy’s Serie A soccer league, which Juventus Football Club SpA has won nine years in a row, or France’s Ligue 1, which Paris Saint-Germain has won for seven of the last eight years.

But plans for a new European Super League, comprising 20 supposedly leading clubs, look actively anticompetitive, with business practices designed to reduce competition. That should give antitrust authorities the impetus to halt a move that will tear the fabric of the world’s most popular sport.

Any way you look at it, the European Super League reduces competition. The tournament will consist of 15 permanent teams and five rotating members who qualify each year based on their performance the previous season. So far, 12 of those core teams have been announced, including Manchester United Plc, Juventus and Real Madrid.

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