Lina Khan

The Ascent Of Lina Khan, Tech Antitrust Icon

By Ashley GoldMargaret Harding McGill

A Senate confirmation hearing Wednesday for Lina Khan’s appointment to a commissioner’s seat on the Federal Trade Commission will mark a watershed moment in federal efforts to rein in big tech companies.

Why it matters: Khan, who has helped define broad new ways to think about how antitrust law should apply to modern technology companies, has had temporary government roles before. But a seat on the FTC, which has the power to investigate and sue companies, would put her at the center of D.C.’s regulatory action.

Catch up quick: Khan, 32, currently associate professor of law at Columbia University, rose to prominence in 2017 after her Yale Law Journal article “Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox” argued that Amazon’s retail business should be separated from its selling platform.

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