Antitrust Remedies for Big Tech

Rulings In Facebook, Apple Antitrust Cases Show How Tough It Is To Define A Monopoly In The Age Of Big Tech

By Cat Zakrzewski, Washington Post

For the second time in three months, a judge has determined that a major antitrust challenge against a tech giant failed to prove the company was maintaining an illegal monopoly.

From opposite sides of the country, two Obama-appointed judges, in separate decisions in separate cases, have undercut the mounting effort to rein in the power of Big Tech.

Northern California Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers on Friday ruled against the foundational argument of Epic Games’ high-profile antitrust lawsuit against Apple, determining that Epic had “overreached” in claiming that Apple had exercised monopoly control in its App Store.

Her ruling comes on the heels of D.C. Judge James E. Boasberg’s June decision to dismiss the Federal Trade Commission’s lawsuit against Facebook, finding that the agency had failed to provide enough evidence to prove that Facebook had a monopoly in social networking.

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