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THE EVOLUTION OF ANTITRUST IN THE DIGITAL ERA: Essays on Competition Policy Volume 2

Essays on Competition Policy
Volume 2


David S. Evans

Allan Fels AO

Catherine Tucker


This collection of essays represents the second in a series of two volumes that set out to reflect the state of the art of antitrust thinking in digital markets in jurisdictions around the world. The issues it tackles are many: the role of innovation, the conundrum of big data, the evolution of media markets, and the question of whether existing antitrust tools are sufficient to deal with the challenges of digital markets. Each author tack les the overarching themes from their unique national perspective. The resulting tapestry reflects the challenges and opportunities presented by the modern digital era, viewed through the lens of competition enforcement.

Table of Contents

Editors' Note

The Role of Antitrust Law in Protecting and Fostering Online Platform Competition
By Jonathan B. Baker

Search Engines and Data Retention: Implications for Privacy and Antitrust
By Lesley Chiou & Catherine Tucker

Deterring Bad Behavior on Digital Platforms
By David S. Evans

Antitrust Regulation in the Digital Economy
By Pierre Régibeau

Some Reflections on Algorithms, Tacit Collusion, and the Regulatory Framework
By John Moore, Etienne Pfister & Henri Piffaut

Competition Law in the Digital Age: New Antitrust Standards or more Regulation? Blockchain a Solution from Markets and for Markets
By Antonio Capobianco & Gabriele Carovano

Current Reform Proposals for "Digital Mergers"
By Robert K

Competition Issues in Digital Advertising: Views from Spain
By Lara Tobías-Peña, Cristina Vallejo & Pedro Hinojo

The ACCC, Digital Platforms, and the Media in Australia
By Allan Fels AO

Do Digital Platforms need Updated Merger Laws?
By Stephen P. King

Vertical Restraints in Digital Markets: The Google Case in Brazil
By Alexandre Cordeiro Macedo

Data in Antitrust: Conceptions and Misconceptions
By Alexander Elbittar & Elisa V. Mariscal

The Role of Competition in Promoting Digital Economies in Developing Nations
By Tembinkosi Bonakele

The Digital Economy and Competition Law in Japan
By Hideo Nakajima

Setting Sail on a Sea of Doubt Again?: Antitrust Review of Data-Driven Non-Horizontal Mergers
By Andy C. M. Chen

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Antitrust in the digital economy is the hottest topic at the moment, led by disputes on competition law's ability to deal adequately with digital platforms. The authors of this volume discuss these matters, drawing on their own backgrounds in many disciplines and in many jurisdictions. The result is an invaluable collection of approaches, knowledge, and points of view on the key issues of debate.

Martin Cave

London School of Economics

This international collection of essays is a must read for anyone involved in debates over Big Tech and antitrust reform.

Dan Crane

Professor of Law, University of Michigan

This volume is a veritable feast of articles by some of the most renowned experts in the world exploring the role, the promise, and the limitations of antitrust and regulation in fostering competition and checking abuses in the digital economy. It spreads its wings high and deep, engaging with the disciplines of competition, data protection, privacy, and the media, as applied to subjects of high-tech dominance, data-driven mergers, and algorithm-based cartels. The collection is international, spanning developed and developing economies. The two volumes easily live up to their aim to present state-of- the-art thinking on antitrust in digital markets in jurisdictions around the world.

Eleanor Fox

Professor of Law, New York University

The rise of the digital economy strengthens the need to understand the workings of digital markets and to verify the suitability of our regulatory tools to ensure that welfare is enhanced. This most welcome collection of essays by leading thinkers, academics, and enforcers from all over the world, significantly contributes to this goal: it offers thoughtful and highly interesting analyses of some of the most important cutting-edge challenges to the application of competition law in the digital economy, and suggests thought-provoking solutions. Issues covered include, inter alia, algorithmic coordination, two-sided markets, self-preferencing, data portability, and significant bargaining power.

Prof. Michal Gal

University of Haifa Faculty of Law, and President of ASCOLA

The latest CPI book brings together a unique combination of fresh antitrust perspectives on all things digital. It gives a first account of developments in jurisdictions which have positioned themselves at the forefront of competition law experimentation, including Australia, Germany, and India. A great source of insight into the risks and opportunities of policy innovation in environments of deep uncertainty.

Nicolas Petit

Chair in European Competition Law, European University Institute

This is a timely and useful resource on one of the most important issues facing competition law practitioners today, with a diverse collection of essays from some of the thought leaders on the topic. It is instructive to see how the issues are being approached in a variety of jurisdictions around the world and many of the takeaways have global application.

Brent Snyder

Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Competition Commission

This book collects insights by many of the world’s leading practitioners and academics on critical important topics involving competition in digital issues. Given the number of jurisdictions covered, these essays provide much needed guidance on developments around the world.

D. Daniel Sokol

Professor, University of Florida Levin College of Law
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