June 24, 2021

The Future of Innovation in News Production: Models for Sustainability

The rise of the Digital Economy has brought rapid change to every industry. The one of journalism and the news business is not an exception to this. As the business models that have supported a free and diverse press for decades are now confronting themselves with the increasing use of search engines and social media platforms in the digital environment, lawmakers across the world are now tackling the issue, with many turning to antitrust as a possible tool for remedying what appears to be a serious imbalance with even more serious potential consequences. Our panel of experts dove into these topics and tried to identify the best way forward.

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Media Business Analyst, Poynter


Managing Director, Accenture

Elizabeth HANSEN

Associate Research Scholar, Tow Center for Digital Journalism


Executive Director, LION Publishers

Moderator: Robert PEGORARO

Freelance Journalist

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