As our globalized economy becomes increasingly more digital and interconnected, Journalism and News production have been among the most visible industries to be affected by the changing Digital Dynamics affecting audience engagement, business models, and the economic balance of power between creators, publishers and platforms. Among these, the question of sustainability for news organizations and independent journalists has come to the fore as one of the pressing issues to tackle. The value and importance to democratic societies of sustainable, independent, and reliable journalism is hard to overstate, demanding action on various fronts to reconcile the old pillars of independent news production with the new, globalized yet concentrated business environments that must sustain it going forward. In short, having invented new ways to reach audiences, innovation in news production will now have to look for new ways to sustain these efforts in the valuable but volatile digital realm.

Building on the insightful contributions of the first discussion on Innovation in News Production, Competition Policy International and CCIA hosted a panel of experts that discussed this pressing aspect of Innovation in news and journalism.

CPI thanks CCIA for its support with this program. CPI always strives to deliver balanced and enriching content and conversation to benefit the antitrust community worldwide.

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