UK’s AI Taskforce Has A New Head

Ian Hogarth has been appointed by the British government to lead a taskforce that will assess the safety risks associated with artificial intelligence. The announcement was made on Sunday.

According to Reuters, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak proposed London as a potential global hub for AI regulation, as Britain prepares to host a summit on the risks of AI later this year.

Hogarth, co-founder of SongKick and its subsequent sale to Warner Music in 2017, has been appointed to lead the UK’s AI Foundation Model Taskforce. The focus of the taskforce is to conduct advanced safety research leading up to the summit.

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“The Prime Minister has laid out a bold vision for the UK to supercharge the field of AI safety, one that until now has been under-resourced even as AI capabilities have accelerated,” Hogarth said in a statement.

I am grateful for the opportunity to lead an important mission leading up to the first global summit on AI Safety in the UK.

The government allocated 100 million pounds in April to establish a taskforce focused on assessing the risks related to AI, conducting safety research, and aiding the creation of global safety and security standards and infrastructure.