Net Neutrality: an E.U./U.S. Comparison

Martin Cave & Ingo Vogelsang, March 20, 2016 Net neutrality has been an issue that has preoccupied consumers, firms and regulators over the past decade. It concerns the financial and qualitative terms on which unaffiliated content and application providers (“CAPs”) may have their content delivered by the local access provider or Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”). […]

State Created Barriers to Exit: The Example of the Acquisition of Alstom by General Electric

Nicolas Petit, March 20, 2016 This paper seeks to understand the competitive impact of State restrictions to M&A transactions that target domestic corporations. In the economic literature, a rich body of papers has examined the impact of State restrictions in terms of market access, international trade and FDI. In contrast, the consequences of State restrictions […]

Competition Policy in Consumer Financial Services: The Disparate Regulation of Online Marketplace Lenders and Banks

Thomas P. Brown and Molly E. Swartz, March 20, 2016 In October 2014, Washington D.C. City Council passed legislation that effectively allowed Uber to operate in the District. David Plouffe, formerly an advisor to the President and now an executive with Uber, greeted the new legislation with the following observation: Obviously what we’re doing doesn’t […]

CPI Autumn 2014, Vol. 10 No. 2

This Autumn/Winter 2014 issue completes the tenth year of Competition Policy International. During this time the CPI Journal has published 303 articles and our companion publication, CPI’s Antitrust Chronicle, has published another 1,138. Taken together, CPI’s complete works demonstrate—perhaps more effectively than anywhere else—the vibrancy, diversity, and increasing importance that antitrust issues have assumed in […]

CPI (10)1

In this issue: The Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Competition Policy International presents a lively discussion regarding effective institutional designs for competition regimes. More than 100 jurisdictions around the globe now have competition laws. But despite this proliferation, there’s no consensus on the optimal structure for an authority. While differences across countries probably dictate that there […]


In our Autumn 2013 Journal, we present a Symposium on Antitrust and Intellectual Property, explore Current Cases in Anglo/Lafarge and feature this edition’s Classic, Appropriating the Returns from INdustrial Research and Development. Click here to order a physical copy of our Autumn 2013 Journal. Letter from the Editor Dec 20, 2013 Letter from the Editor […]

CPI (9)1

In this issue: In the Spring 2013 issue of Competition Policy International we present a Symposium on Vertical Restraints, a Colloquium on Antitrust and Regulation, and a pair of articles on the use of economic evidence in private litigation in China. Our Classic for this issue is Lee Benham’s “The Effects of Advertising and the […]


In our Autumn 2012 Journal, we present a Symposium on Tying, a Colloquium on Media Plurality, and a special article on the risks of excessive litigation for online platforms. Our Classic for this issue is Michael Whinston’s groundbreaking 1990 article. See below for a sneak-peak into each section – We hope you delve into the […]

CPI (8)1

In this issue: The Spring 2012 issue of Competition Policy International takes a look back at articles that have challenged and advanced antitrust scholarship. We then take a step forward by asking the authors to provide updates on their works and explain how changes–or lack thereof–in competition law and policy have affected their views since […]


In this issue, CPI examines the intersection of antitrust and financial regulation. Letter from the Editor David Evans, Dec 22, 2011 Letter from the Editor – Fall 2011 What is antitrust’s role in financial regulation after the financial crisis? (David S. Evans) Antitrust, State Aid, and Financial Regulation Gert-Jan Koopman, Dec 22, 2011 Stability and […]