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Winter 2014, Volume 12, Number 2

Antitrust Chronicle - Antitrust Year End Buffet Edition December 2014 II

Antitrust Chronicle® – Antitrust Year End Buffet Edition

In 2014, we published 156 articles in the CPI Antitrust Chronicle®. For this last issue of the year, we’re presenting a baker’s dozen of articles that highlight the variety, scope, and diversity of the content we presented over the course of the year. We invite you take a look back and see what you may have missed, or re-acquaint yourselves with some topic that seems a bit unfamiliar—and check out the related articles in the archives. The articles cover diverse topics such as regulation of sports in the EU, regulation of credit rating agencies, effect of leniency on cartel enforcement in the US, relationship between media plurality and competition law in the UK, modernization of state aid, due process under EU competition law, intra agency cooperation in Latin America, Chinese treatment of resale price maintenance cases, potential impact of Affordable Care Act on merger reforms. There’s a world of information available, and it’s always accessible. And, of course, many thanks to all of you—our authors and readers—who continue to prove the world of competition policy/antitrust is vibrant, energetic, and challenging. Here’s to a great 2015!

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