1. How many teams are allowed per University?

There is no limit on how many teams may join from a single university. However, depending on the number of participants, in case two or more teams come from the same University a previous, intra-university round may be needed in order to select the teams that will compete against other universities. This decisión will be taken by the Organizing Committee, if needed.

2. Do team members have to belong to the same university?

No. In terms of the Rules, team members may belong to different universities from the entire Mexican Republic.

3. Which are the Managing Countries, and what is their purpose?

For MootComp’s 5th edition, the Managing Countries are the following: Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru. When developing the contest the Organizing Committee consults experts in competition policy in both public and private sectors in each managing country.

4. If my country is not a Managing Country, can I still join?

Yes, you can register in any country, even if you are not a citizen or resident in the Managing countries, as long as you meet the participation requirements.

5. Can those who have finished their BA degree or postgraduate students participate?

As per the Rules, post-graduate and Masters students may participate within 12 months of their graduation from Law or Economics.

6. If I have already taken part in previous editions of the contest, can I participate again?

Yes, so long as you meet the requirements contained in the Rules.

7. What if my University has no Law or Economics degrees? Can I take part if I’m studying a different degree?

The contest is meant for law and economics students, due to the knowledge required to solve the case. Therefore teams must have at least one member studying Economics, and one member studying law. Should no students have these careers, the Organizing Committee can help contact students from other universities in order to fill a team that meets these characteristics.

8. Is there any cost for participating in the Economic Competition Contest for Law and Economics students?

Yes. MootComp charges a one-time registration fee per team, specified in the open call.

9. How can I pay for registering my team?

Payment for registration can be made with OpenPay at the www.mootcomp.org website when finishing the registration process.

10. How can I request a receipt for my registration payment?

Should you require a receipt, you must send a request to contacto@mootcomp.org, including the relevant fiscal information.

11. Is it possible to see the cases from past editions? I can’t find them in the website

Past versions of cases are not currently available for new participants. However, if the decision is made to release them, they will be uploaded to the website.

12. Can teams choose any name?

Yes. Team names cannot (i) allude to any public or private institutions, or (ii) consist of a numeric reference (eg. “Team 4”). Otherwise, the Organizing Committee will assign a name.

13. When is acceptance to the contest notified?

Acceptance of registration usually takes 3-5 working days, and is notified via e-mail to the Team Leader’s address, as registered.

14. Can the team select a Coach according to their preferences?

Yes. However, as per the Rules, each Coach must have experience in Economic Competition and be approved by the Organizing Committee. To do this, the Team must ask the Coach to participate by registering on the website and, if accepted, provide the requested documentation for evaluation by the Organizing Committee.

15. What is the function of Coaches?

Their purpose is to meet with the teams, either remotely or in person, for one hour every two weeks in order to give advice in preparing their case. Once Coaches have been accepted by the Organizing Committee, they will be provided with guidelines explaining what is expected from them in each session, and they will be assigned a person who can assist them should there be any doubts or comments during the course of the contest.

It should be noted that the fortnightly hour is the standard, and recommended as the minimum. However, teams are allowed to meet their Coach more frequently if needed, as long as sessions are limited to advice permitted by the Coach guidelines.

16. Is there any impediment or issue if Coaches are public officials or are employees of a government competition authority?

No. Coaches may be public servants or employees of any government agency.

17. Do I need a Team in order to register as a coach?

A team is not necessary for registering as a Coach. Anyone interested and who meets the Coach Selection requirements can register at www.mootcomp.org. Their submission will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee for their approval.

18. How many teams may each Coach give advice to?

As per the rules, a Coach may advise a maximum of three teams. However, the Organizing Committee may assign more teams to a Coach, considering the particular needs of the case (including availability and the agreement of the Coach in question.)

19. Can Team members be changed, in case an original team member is unable to attend the hearings, or their participation is impeded?

Changes can be made to the team roster, as long as the potential new member fulfills the requirements specified in the Rules. In order to make the change, a request must be sent via e-mail to contacto@mootcomp.org

20. Is it mandatory for Coaches to attend hearing rounds?

No. However, it is recommended they attend in order to support their teams, while always being duly respectful of rival teams.

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