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Winter 2022, Volume 3, Number 1

Antitrust Chronicle - Year of the Tiger: Antitrust in China - March 2022

Antitrust Chronicle® - Year of the Tiger: Antitrust in China

We are delighted to release our CPI Antitrust Chronicle® for March 2022, Year of the Tiger: Antitrust in China. This collection of nine excellent articles starts with a detailed analysis from Research Fellow at the Supreme People’s Court of China Zhu Li and finishes by a visionary policy review from esteemed legal scholar Professor Yong Huang. Seven insightful pieces by top practitioners in leading global and Chinese antitrust law firms provide developments and highlights of key matters in legislation, merger review, antitrust investigation, and litigation on standard essential patents. This chronicle covers a wide range of important sectors and hot topics including digital platforms, electronic vehicles, data privacy, just to name a few.

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